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The Process

Although upwards of one year might seem a long time to wait, all dependent on the individual specifications of the car, the KALMAR Automotive team ensures that all customers are kept up-to-date every step of the way, giving regular updates to the customer throughout the entire process. Where imagination is the limit, the process of building any KALMAR 7-97 Classic is extremely unique, with no detail left untouched.

Each donor car is taken apart by the in-house team, down to the last nut, bolt and pop rivet. Utilising a 964- or 993-series 911, KALMAR Automotive prefers to use cars nearing the end of their life, ready for their next journey as a 7-97 Classic.

Surplus parts are subject to the company’s Evergreen philosophy, where the sought-after components that are still in good condition are sold to bring life to other cars around the world, and the parts that aren’t salvageable in any way are sent for recycling.

The aluminium and glass, where possible, are always treated, recycled and reused on the KALMAR 7-97 Classic models to stay as sustainable as possible.

All components reused from the donor car go through a similar process. All moving parts are either updated, restored or replaced.

As there are no two projects alike at KALMAR Automotive, the production time will vary depending on the requirements and goals of the final product. However, delivery time can be expected after 12 months of the given build slot start. Perfection can never be rushed, and KALMAR Automotive sets the bar extremely high to perfectly translate the client’s vision into reality. After compiling all the wishes into a definitive design, the production team, consisting of highly skilled craftspeople with extensive knowledge of the industry, embarks on the journey of creation. Each KALMAR 7-97 Classic goes through a 1,000 to 2,000 km test phase before the customer receives the build (including the option for the owner to be present at the car’s 500 km run-in phase).

Updates on the build process are an integral part of the production and are a responsibility that does not get taken lightly. The client will be kept up-to-date by the KALMAR team during this process, as much or as little as preferred, to ensure that the car is fully optimised to their liking. Seeing the car finalised and ready for shipping truly marks a special moment and one that is celebrated accordingly.

The process of building every KALMAR 7-97 Classic is systematic and leaves no doubt in producing a durable, long-lasting car with each car specific to what the private customer sees as ‘perfect’.

KALMAR Automotive designs the 7-97 Classic Range of vehicles to exacting specifications, whether that be brake pedal pressure, seating position or the feel of the gear stick, all of which are elements that make the car special and enjoyable for any owner.

When the day arises and the car is ready for handover, then each customer has the option to come over and spend two days with the test team where each detail is explained and the last individual adjustments are made.

This also includes the final suspension set-up preferred, tyre pressure, shock absorber maps and throttle response.

Although the process might seem long, customers can rest assured that they are never alone when becoming part of the KALMAR family. From the initial order, throughout the production phase and even long after the delivery of their dream car, the KALMAR team is there every step of the way.

Furthering the offering on all 7-97 Classics, and the belief in the end product, KALMAR Automotive offers every car a 12-month free upgrade of all new developments related to safety and reliability.