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The Start of an Iconic Line-up

The 7-97 was KALMAR Automotive’s pioneering project and the car that started it all. 7-97 was created as a tribute to the WSC95 that carried number 7 to victory at 1997 24 Hours of Le Mans. Today, clients around the world can commission their own version that embodies the spirit of that achievement.

Featuring modern-day sports car performance in the body of a classic icon, the main visual influence for the 7-97 came from the incredible stylish but ultra rare Porsche 911 ST.

“From concept to finish”, the original KALMAR 7-97 was a three-year collaboration, with the entire process consisting of everything from the original engineering and design to the build itself, all with the owner’s personal specifications required to create this tribute car. Now clients can create their own interpretation, enhancing the ethos of the sports car in different ways, specially tailored for each driver in a range of incredibly personalised and enjoyable specifications.

Every 7-97 build is inspired by the heritage and follows this philosophy. The 7-97 is the commercial beginning of KALMAR Automotive and the origin of the meaning of automotive haute couture. Built without compromise, created to last a lifetime (and even beyond), the 7-97 carefully blends the best of the analogue past with the digital present, while aiming for the future.

Common for all KALMAR 7-97s is the bespoke fibre bodywork, carved by time but enhanced in every little detail, difficult to see with the naked eye. Every build starts from bare metal and the level of detail and quality is second to none, just like the unlimited possibilities for individualisation.

All 7-97s are offered in right- and left-hand drive specification as well as rear- or all-wheel drive. The Porsche 911 993- and 964-series’ are the starting point.