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Call us nerds, detail-oriented fanatics, or simply creators of bespoke, unique automotive commissions. Welcome to KALMAR Automotive.

KALMAR Automotive exists to deliver individual car conversions to cherish, enjoy and use. Its philosophy is not mass production but reinvigorating existing vehicles with a sustainable mindset to be bespoke for each customer. Each build is said to be like a signature – only replicated by its owner – and therefore every car is completely different.

Created to offer a unique value proposition to its clients, many say KALMAR Automotive’s relationship with those that appoint them to convert their reality into their ‘dream car’, is much like a traditional coachbuilder. Focusing on building a trusting bond with each client, many customers say that they join a family when they buy their dream car created by KALMAR Automotive.

Founder of the company, Jan Kalmar said, “It is a privilege to be allowed to do what you love every day, and it’s a responsibility every member of our team does not take lightly. The trust to realise the dream for each customer is never taken for granted, likewise with the conversion process to create a lasting legacy for future generations. We believe that the most sustainable car is the one that already exists and try and build on that ethos with every aspect of every KALMAR car.”

Automotive Haute Couture

Existing not as mass-producing manufacturers, but modern coachbuilders who create one-of-a-kind tailormade pieces of art, KALMAR Automotive approaches bespoke car commissions differently. In contrast to the ‘normal’ haute couture reserved only for the catwalk, the creations from KALMAR Automotive are made to be used, driven and enjoyed for years to come.

Constantly striving for perfection and precision, KALMAR Automotive prides itself on reconnecting the meaning of coachbuilding in the modern day. Through its team of artisans and engineers, it creates a range of bespoke vehicles, from classic sports cars to grand tourers, off-roaders, and all-purpose explorers, each being a piece of automotive haute couture.

With an eye on the future, and with the KALMAR Evergreen philosophy, its vision of automotive haute couture is secure long into the future.


Sustainability isn’t just hype for KALMAR Automotive’s team, it’s a philosophy that underpins the business.

KALMAR Automotive has a core belief that the sports car of the future will arrive from the past.

Don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you the sports cars of the past are dead. They are very much alive and kicking at KALMAR Automotive. The automotive haute couture creators have just made them more sustainable than ever before, combining the timeless design of the past with the latest, cutting-edge technology of the future. Going green never looked so good.

Each KALMAR 7-97 can be specified as Evergreen, transferring this strict philosophy and adapting it to any specific commission.

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KALMAR’s underpinning is its people and passion. It’s made up of a professional team all with specialist collective knowledge, who are willing to do what it takes to create something special. The team has the necessary devotion only found in true enthusiasts including a selection of proven engineering and design professionals. Engineers and craftspeople make up the entire team at KALMAR Automotive, and paired with great partners, they are the core essence of the impressive level of performance, artistry, passion, and technical dedication found in each and every model.

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Where We Are

Rooted in Denmark – well known for its timeless design – the DNA of racing, design and durability runs deep in the KALMAR Automotive ethos. The main KALMAR Automotive facilities are located inside an incredible FIA-approved racetrack located in northeast Scandinavia. With unlimited access to the racetrack, with off-road, and gravel tracks quite literally on its doorstep, KALMAR Automotive is, therefore, able to offer its customers the unique opportunity to test the cars in a safe and controlled environment prior to purchasing, and the warm welcome to return anytime. In addition, KALMAR Automotive has a development and production facility in the Danish countryside right where the heritage never seems to stop.

The story continues and, as KALMAR Automotive further evolves, so does its network. Now available in major markets worldwide, with dealer partners globally, in France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, North America, Scandinavia, South East Asia and the United Kingdom. The KALMAR Automotive global team is strengthened by its combined dedication to offering unique cars and a passion for the art of bespoke.