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Automotive Haute Couture

KALMAR Automotive is a modern-day coachbuilder creating bespoke vehicles to an exacting and tailored specification. From classic sports cars and grand tourers to all-purpose explorers, each is an exquisite piece of automotive haute couture: designed to be driven, engineered to be enjoyed and a lot of fun.

Crafted for collectors, engineered for enthusiasts

With a philosophy of reinvigorating and enhancing existing vehicles, the passionate, detail-orientated – and quite frankly nerdy – KALMAR team of automotive artisans and engineers constantly strive for precision and perfection.

Each vehicle is expertly crafted with exacting detail using modern coachbuilding techniques. Yet unlike haute couture on the catwalk, KALMAR Automotive’s creations are made to be driven and enjoyed for decades to come. Timeless pieces that will always fit you.

Like its owner’s signature, each build is completely unique

Each one-of-a-kind vehicle is created in collaboration with its owner, with KALMAR’s experts guiding a specification process where nothing is considered off limits.

“It is a privilege and honour to bring automotive dreams to life. Each customer and bespoke build become part of the KALMAR Automotive family. With our enhancement process, no stone is left unturned, and no upgrade is too big a challenge. We create lasting legacies for future generations.”

Founder and owner, Jan Kalmar


KALMAR Automotive believes that the sports car of the future will come from the past. The team breathes new life into sportscars of old, combining timeless design with cutting-edge technology, and making them sustainable for the future. Its a philosophy that underpins the business.

Each KALMAR 7-97 can be specified as Evergreen, taking its strict philosophy of a more sustainable approach and adapting it to any commission.

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Extraordinary people and exceptional passion underpin KALMAR Automotive.

The specialist team has a level of devotion only found in true enthusiasts. Each of its engineers and craftspeople, paired with trusted partners, have the knowledge, experience and dedication to do whatever it takes to create something extraordinary.

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The KALMAR Automotive brand is rooted in Denmark, a country renowned for its timeless and high-quality design, racing pedigree and resilience. Nestled in the Danish countryside is the heart of the operation – the development and production facility.

KALMAR Automotive’s primary facility is located inside an incredible FIA-grade racetrack in the Nordics. With unlimited access to the circuit, its off-road and gravel layouts, KALMAR is able to develop its creations while offering customers the unique opportunity to test cars in a safe and controlled environment.

Now available in major markets worldwide, KALMAR Automotive’s network of trusted dealer partners are located in France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, North America, Scandinavia, South East Asia and the United Kingdom. Each is dedicated to offering unique cars and have a passion for the art of bespoke.