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7-97 RS-R

The Rally Special – Radical, the wild sibling of the KALMAR 7-97 Classic
Standing for Rally Special-Radical, the KALMAR RS-R was born to be used on hard, rally-like adventures and extreme ice racing situations. Tailormade automotive perfection and built on a wealth of experience from global overland drives, ready to explore areas normally not visited by sports cars.

Using the 7-97 Classic’s platform but increasing its off-road and wading ability, the RS-R is lifted for better ground clearance when hammering over harsh terrain or on a frozen lake. It uses the wide upper body shape from the 7-97 Classic, made of Kevlar instead of carbon fibre, as this car is meant to be used very hard. Large chunky off-road tyres and small-diameter wheels enhance traction on loose surfaces. Through learning by exploring, the team has engineered details of the RS-R for a supreme off-roading experience, whether on sand, snow or ice. The unending bespoke options that are available to each client ensure that the RS-R can provide a stunning performance on the road and in extreme conditions, too. Internally it has the name of the “Swiss Army Knife of cars”.

All aspects of the KALMAR RS-R are included with the purposeful intention of amplifying the car’s abilities off-road and materialising the customer’s wishes. The RS-R simply enhances performance ability due to the lightweight nature of the material, while the iconic features of the original Porsche 911 still shine through the tailormade bodywork to merge classic design with modern-day functionality.

After being put to the test and utilised by KALMAR Beyond Adventure, KALMAR Automotive’s sister company, the KALMAR RS-R is now fully prepared to be taken on any adventure that the owner wishes to go on. That includes acting as a day-to-day run-around vehicle if the customer chooses to live their everyday life in style or staying solely as an adventure or hobby rally car.


The Exterior

Built with the philosophy of a race and rally car in mind, the tailormade-for-adventure KALMAR RS-R has bodywork inspired by the KALMAR 7-97 Classic, with a 110 mm wider rear end than the original foundation car. The extra width allows for larger wheels and a wider track, which come together to increase traction and cornering ability, fit for rallying through all different terrain. The iconic ducktail-inspired rear spoiler provides function as well as a cosmetically aesthetic rear end, relocating the radiator and adding extra intake snorkels to feed the iconic air-cooled, rear-engined sports car with air, making it deliver effortless power to the rear wheels.

No ideas are left unexplored, with the KALMAR RS-R featuring lifted lower sections compared to the KALMAR 7-97 Classic to allow for more ground clearance, better attack angles and wider tyres. The chassis is fully seam welded for added strength to withstand the punishment from any harsh surfaces this car will meet if taken to its limits. At the same time, the team also welds an extra cross bar for increased rigidity and even more towing options to pull the RS-R out of tricky situations.

Weight reduction is an important element in the development and production of the KALMAR RS-R. To further explore the potential of this rally/adventure vehicle, it is areas like the lightweight exhaust system and windows, and the full Kevlar bodywork and carbon fibre roof that really make a difference in agility performance. The Kevlar used is an incredibly durable material that is able to withstand small impacts when exploring or rallying. While these elements support the race car dream, the KALMAR RS-R also comes with a custom-manufactured external combined impact protection and underbody holder, tubular roof-mounted combined tyre and jerry can carrier and front auxiliary light pod to prepare the driver for any and all conditions overland.

The Interior

Tailor-made for automotive perfection and built with extensive knowledge from global off-road drives, winter rallying and extreme exploring, the KALMAR RS-R’s interior is fully bespoke to the client’s individual taste and fit for any kind of adventures they desire to take the car on.

For a customer that dreams of a comfortable, stylistic KALMAR RS-R that can be used on the road for daily drives, KALMAR Automotive can utilise the same luxury found in the opulent KALMAR 7-97 Classic, with bespoke, premium leather seats, designed for those pleasant drives through the county lanes. On the flip side, the lightweight, extreme rallying version of the RS-R can be specified to have a completely stripped-out, spartan interior, with only the essential carbon fibre race seats and functionality elements in the cockpit.

Safety is extremely important to the KALMAR team, which offers several roll cage options, from a lightweight, rear-bolted system to a fully integrated cage designed for racing. Both options can be fully covered in leather or simply painted the exterior colour. When manufacturing the KALMAR RS-R, the only specification list the team has is that of the client’s vision. The car gets built by hand with the customer’s unique instructions from beginning to end. Professional navigation units are also available to add to the intelligent capabilities of the model.

The Technical Specifications

The entire drivetrain of the KALMAR RS-R is optimised for intense driving in the most extreme conditions and landscapes. The functionality of every RS-R’s drivetrain is different, with the specialist knowledge of the KALMAR team producing results that benefit rallying and overland exploring.

The opportunities are endless when designing a KALMAR 7-97 RS-R , with options from KALMAR Automotive’s all-new engine pairing.
The “base” engine with true 3.8-litre displacement, single throttle body, double mass flywheel, and easy to maintain hydraulic lifters, all totaling to 355 hp and 410 Nm of torque. For those looking for more power and sound, the optional ‘Triple-4’ engine is built with individual throttle bodies, mechanical lifters, a single mass flywheel, double oil cooler all of which see the ‘Triple-4’ achieve 401 hp and 450 Nm of torque.

Each variant comes as standard with a drive-by Wire e-gas system, KALMAR intakes, a bespoke sports exhaust as well as the mission to use either new or reconditioned components for all moving parts within the engine

The unique KALMAR Automotive ECU with OBDII Engine Management System and remote access takes away most worries for the owner, as does the enlarged oil cooler set-up alongside the coil on plug ignition as they contribute towards further reliability, accommodating for high-speed running and increased horsepower.

Utilising only the best-of-the-best materials and suppliers for a ‘no-compromise’ approach to increasing the overall performance of the car, the all-new engines will be delivered through all 7-97 RS-R models from 2023.

As always there are a large selection of individualisation options to tailor-make the engine to fit customer demands.
Whether the individual KALMAR RS-R needs off-road or rally-inspired suspension, the KALMAR team can apply it. The top-of-the-line KALMAR Automotive adaptive shock absorbers with optional front and rear lift functions allow for a ground clearance of over 25 cm for the extreme explorer and the adaptive shocks can be adjusted in several drive modes. Lowered subframes to make room for either the large, all-terrain or rally-winning World Rally Championship tyres. The RS-R also utilise the bespoke limited-slip differential and fully updated gear ratios to compete in any day-to-day, non-competition rally worldwide. The rear anti-rollbar is removed for additional wheel travel rear, and it comes standard with full rose-jointed suspension.

Despite lifting the car there will still be times when this is not enough and here comes the full aluminium Kevlar underbody protection in handy.

The list of included options is long on a KALMAR 7-97 RS-R, but there are still some possible options:

  • Full hydraulic lift system
  • The  ‘Triple-4’ engine
  • Dirty air package with side intake
  • Roof air intake
  • Rear fitted fridge
  • Fly off handbrake
  • Lightweight carbon fibre package including doors and roof
  • Full leather package where the backside of the front seats and whole rear inserts are covered in leather
  • Safety package with double airbag set up

All can be chosen and added dependent on the customers wishes and desired end finish of their 7-97 RS-R.


With unlimited option combinations for each KALMAR 7-97, every customer commission is fully bespoke and comes with a personal process to coachbuild a dream car by hand. There’s no configurator, there’s not even a ‘no’ in KALMAR Automotive’s vocabulary, just a passion to upcycle and re-engineer a 7-97 RS-R to reach the overarching goal for the customer.

For the KALMAR 7-97 Range, the optional extras list is significantly shorter than the list with standard equipment.

Standard Equipment

  • KALMAR 3.8-litre engine with 355 hp, Single throttle body intake system. Bespoke ECU and coil on plug ignition system
  • Six-speed gearbox with limited slip differential (993 only)
  • KALMAR sports exhaust
  • KALMAR sports brake system
  • Bi-LED headlights
  • Glue-in glass
  • Electrical power steering and air conditioning with water heating
  • Sports wheels and tyres
  • Adaptive shock absorbers
  • Rain sensor, comfort indicator and hidden Hi-Fi system
  • Recaro Sport seats in top-tier, sustainably sourced leather

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7-97 RS-R

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7-97 RS-R
Beauty parts Wheels and tyres Body version Engine Brakes Interior Body parts

Beauty parts

  • Bi-LED headlights in external colour with rounded lenses
  • Glue-in lightweight Makrolon rear screens
  • Powder-coated beauty parts (front grilles, side mirrors, window surroundings, rear light edges, inside aluminium parts)
  • External colour-coded 993 door handles


  • Sliding front side screens and 911-shaped light lenses
  • Safety package with double airbag set up
  • An additional Kevlar fibre package including doors and roof
  • A full leather package where the backside of the front seats and whole rear inserts are covered in leather

Wheels and tyres

  • Super lightweight magnesium 16-inch monoblock wheel with 215/65-16 Michelin Latitude Cross tyres

Body version

  • Kevlar body panels (bumpers, bonnet, engine cover, rear quarter panel, front fenders)
  • Steel roof with spare wheel holder and rear roll cage


  • Sunroof removal
  • Kevlar doors and roof


  • KALMAR true 3.8-litre engine producing 355 Hp / 410 Nm , single throttle body intake system, stand-alone ECU / ignition system
  • Dual mass flywheel and fully restored gearbox with upgraded limited slip differential and short shift gearstick


  • KALMAR 'Triple-4' 4.0-litre engine, delivering 401 hp and 450 Nm of torque


  • Porsche OEM brakes with power assistance


  • New Recaro Sport seats carefully covered in top-tier, sustainably-sourced leather/tartan/Alcantara
  • Hidden Bluetooth Hi-Fi system
  • Classic door sides with armrests and door pockets
  • Bespoke air condition control unit
  • Rear seat removal
  • Rear roll cage


  • Full 7-97 Classic interior
  • Selection of seats to customer’s wishes

Body parts

  • KALMAR ducktail
  • Aluminium one-piece front intake grill and indicator units
  • 911 Cup side mirrors
  • Lifted lower parts of front and rear bumper
  • T45 steel external underbody holders
  • Kevlar underbody protection
  • Body panel air outlets
  • LED Rally light pod