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KALMAR Adventure Range

Proven off road, through a range of harsh weathers, and 100,000 of extreme kilometres to bring customers the most durable, adventure-proven range of cars. Designed to go places normally not visited by these type of vehicles, the KALMAR Adventure Range is just that – for exploring.

Though the KALMAR Automotive business commercially started with the birth of the 7-97, it was almost ten years earlier that founder of the business, Jan Kalmar, an avid automotive adventurer, decided to use his skills to build cars and use them to explore far-reaching corners of the earth. It turned out to be ahead of trend currently seen in the upper end of the automotive industry, where sports cars are turned into safari-ready models, and using the sense of adventure based on their Sports Utility Vehicles. In some ways, KALMAR paved a way that many follow, but none have the adaptability and hand-crafted nature than the KALMAR Adventure Range today.

The very first from the KALMAR Adventure Range was a (then brand new) Porsche Cayenne Diesel, which was created for long distance non-stop driving in 2011 and peaked at the 2015 world record breaking journey, setting a record time for driving non-stop from Nord Kapp to Cape Agulhas. Today, it’s now known as the KALMAR CS – standing for Cayenne Special.

Jan wanted to share his passion and knowledge of building cars capable of remote adventures yet also planning any customer that wanted to join to use the KALMAR Adventure Range fleet to rent. This range of upgraded escapism cars were needed and therefore the development started. It was also in this part of the story that KALMAR motto “we start where the others stop” was created.

The results are now available for those daring to take a classic 911, Porsche young-timer or a city Cayenne, with them being created to be as far from the tarmac where these cars are normally rolling their kilometres. This was the birth of the RS, CS and CS-R. These adventure-ready cars have been built to explore – from ice driving to climbing mountains – from dried out deserts to enormous sand dunes. The KALMAR Automotive range is ready to explore adventures no one ever thought possible. The team as always takes things one stop further that anyone else, so customers can test the cars through its sister company, KALMAR Beyond Adventure, before they decide how extreme they want their adventure. After delivery, they can always join more events organised by Beyond Adventure or simply go on their own solo trips.

Common for all cars in the KALMAR Adventure Range, these vehicles are subject to KALMAR’s knowledge through technical upgrades, and not fully stripped bare metal restorations. Made to be used (in some cases abused!), you can set the rules for what you want to achieve and then Jan and the design and engineering team will create their dream specification. The entire KALMAR Adventure Range offers the same unlimited possibilities for individualisation found in the entire model programme.