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The opportunities are endless when designing a KALMAR 7-97 Classic Coupé, Cabriolet or Targa, with options from KALMAR Automotive’s all-new engine pairing.

Two variants will be offered: the ‘Base’ and ‘Triple-4’. Both variants offers a true 4.0-litre displacement achieved via a water-cooled 997-generation 4.0-litre crankshaft and bespoke piston design with inspiration from the current water-cooled engines from Porsche. Each variant comes as standard with an e-gas drive-by-wire system, KALMAR intake and bespoke sports exhaust. Naturally all moving parts will be new and all other parts will be better-than-new restored.

Both models are fitted with the unique KALMAR Automotive ECU with OBDII engine management system and remote access takes away most worries for the owner. Enlarged oil cooler set-up alongside the coil on plug ignition as they contribute towards further reliability, accommodating for high-speed running and increased horsepower. Utilising only the best-of-the-best materials and suppliers for a ‘no-compromise’ approach to increasing the overall performance of the car, the all-new engines will be delivered through all 7-97 Classic models from 2023.

The Base 4.0-litre engine has a single throttle body intake system matched to an in-house designed noise reducing air-filter system, dual mass flywheel and easy to maintain hydraulic lifters, all totalling ca. 345 hp and 385 Nm of torque, and revving up to 7000 rpm. 

For those looking for more power and sound, the optional ‘Triple-4’ engine is built with drive-by-wire individual throttle bodies, mechanical lifters, a single mass flywheel, double oil cooler set up and the famous straight blade 993 Turbo fan for additional cooling; all needed to see the ‘Triple-4’ achieve +400 hp, 450 Nm of torque and a red line at 8000 rpm. 

As always there are a large selection of individualisation options to tailor-make the engine to fit customer demands.

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