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Underpinning the 7-97 Classic Range is the all-new, advanced aerodynamic overhaul that allows the car to be faster, more planted at speed yet with added comfort over the original. With its ethos of only modernising a classic 911 if it’s not to the detriment of its weight or handling, KALMAR Automotive got to work with its technical engineers with the task of “make the car better, but don’t change anything that changes the 911’s spirit.” The result was to find the small improvements that add up to the creation of downforce where it’s needed and less drag where it would be more beneficial to the driver.

Utilising modern technologies available to the team now, which didn’t exist when the 911 was originally developed, KALMAR Automotive used a combination of advanced, motorsport-grade simulation and production technologies. The subtle changes provide reduced wind resistance and decreased lift without changing the iconic weight distribution that the 911 is famed for. Today, the 7-97 Classic Range is not only faster, but handles better, thanks to KALMAR Automotive.

For those looking at the geeky details, the aerodynamic changes include modern, glue-in glass, modified cooling on the underside of the car and an adapted ride height and rake of each model in the 7-97 Classic Range. Results show that these changes create 30 per cent more downforce on the front axle and reduce rear-end lift by 20 per cent. Creating downforce now at 130 km/h, and retaining the famous KALMAR Automotive F-series inspired rear grille design, customers can also opt for a new ducktail spoiler, which decreases lift by a further 60 per cent.

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