7-97 Turbo-Edition

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7-97 Turbo-Edition
Beauty parts Wheels and tyres Body version Engine Brakes Interior Body parts

Beauty parts

Standard equipments:

  • Bi-LED headlights in external color with rounded lenses
  • Glue-in tinted glass
  • Ceramic-coated beauty parts (front grilles, side mirrors, window surroundings, rear light edges, inside aluminium parts)
  • External colour-coded 993 door handles


  • Full mirror chrome beauty parts
  • 964 door handles
  • 911-shaped light lenses

Wheels and tyres

  • Super lightweight three-piece split wheel with centre lock system fitted with 235/40-18 and 295/35-18 Michelin sport tyres

Body version

  • Full carbon fibre body panels including roof and door (bumpers, bonnet, engine cover, rear quarter panel, front fenders, doors and roof)
  • Removal of rain gutters


  • KALMAR ‘Triple-4’ 4.0-litre turbocharged with two side-mounted intercoolers delivering over 600 hp and 700 Nm of torque


  • KALMAR carbon ceramic brake discs


  • Recaro carbon sports seats, carefully covered in top-tier, sustainably-sourced leather/tartan/Alcantara
  • Hidden Bluetooth Hi-Fi system with active subwoofer
  • Classic door sides with armrests and door pockets
  • Bespoke air condition control unit
  • Full leather package with rear seat carbon inserts and back of front seats covered in leather
  • In-car entertainment unit in the centre console
  • Leather-covered rear roll cage

Body parts

  • KALMAR ‘whale-tail’
  • 911R-inspired front air intake with headlight-fitted indicators
  • Aerodynamic side mirrors
  • Contrast coloured front splitter, lower side parts and rear lower apron
  • Carbon side air intakes
  • Front air intake and rear intercooler air outlet